Introduction to Cake Projection Mapping

If you are new to cake projection mapping then this is where to start.

Cake Mapping in Resolume (Series)

This tutorial series walks you through the process of projection mapping a 5-tier wedding cake with Resolume software.

Resolume is aimed at VJs (video jockeys), Audio Visual performers and video artists. It is a sophisticated piece of software that enables users to handle multimedia files in a live performance environment.

Projection Mapping with MadMapper

MadMapper is a versatile mapping software for PC & Mac.

Cake Mapping with Multiple Projectors

There are several advantages to using two or more projectors when cake mapping. Dedicating more projectors to the surfaces of your cake means that your content has more resolution and detail.

Using more than one projector also gives you more flexibility when it comes to where to position the projector in relation to the cake and your audience.