Cley Windmill

Luma Bakery delivered a projection mapped cake for an intimate wedding at Cley Windmill on the North Norfolk coast.

“Wow! What an amazing wedding cake! Our guests are still raving about it, having seen nothing like it before. Thank you so much for making our day so very special!”

Lorraine & Simon
Bride & Groom, May 2016

Surveying the salt marshes to Blakeney Point, the windmill has operated as a guesthouse since 1983 and is licensed to hold wedding ceremonies. As Norfolk residents and keen sailors in the waters around Cley, it is a place that is close to the couple’s hearts.

Surrounded by such charming local features – the reeds, the water, the flint-walled cottages of the village – we all agreed that the vast majority of the projected content should be photographic and focused on Cley.

Montage of images taken of Cley Windmill and surrounding North Norfolk area

However, a slideshow of even the most breathtaking photographs can eventually feel static and monotonous, so we went about bringing each photo to life in various ways: in some this meant having the reeds sway subtly in the wind; for others, a flock of birds fly past, or clouds sweep across a blue sky. In a couple it meant having the sails of the windmill turning again.

Example of an image of Cley Windmill animated with slow zoom in
For some images, something as simple as a cloud-swept blue sky brought the image to life.
Example of an image of Cley Windmill animated with swaying reeds and passing birds
A passing flock of seagulls and soft movement of the reeds makes this photograph feel more like video.
Example of a black and white photograph of Cley Windmill animated to make the sails turn
The turning of the sails and the ripple of the watery reflection even breathe life into an old black and white photograph of Cley.
Particle cascade projection mapped on a wedding cakeWedding cake mapping projection personalised with name of the bride and groom