Cake Projection Mapping in 10 Minutes [with Free Software]

Want to learn cake projection mapping with free software? This 10 minute crash course will show you how with MapMap. 

00:00 Intro | 01:18 Input in MapMap Software | 05:45 Output Mapping | 07:57 Source Switch (Mac) | 08:19 Source Switch (Windows Workaround)

“Cake Mapping” refers to the technique of projection mapping, sometimes know as “video mapping” or “3d mapping” on a plain, usually multi-tiered cake with animations, videos, photos and text. Projection mapped cakes provide unforgettable, eye-catching centrepieces to events like weddings, birthdays, celebrations and corporate events.

This video assumes you already have two things in place in order to complete this tutorial: 1) You have a 5-tier cake or something in the shape of a 5-tier cake to project on to, and 2) You have a projector correctly connected up to your laptop or computer. 

The recommended dimensions of the cake are for square-based tiers, each 5 inches high. The tier sizes increase by 2 inch increments as you go down the cake: starting with 8 inches at the top, then 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches and 16 inches at the bottom.

This video will show you the basics of using a free projection mapping software called MapMap. First we will import a guide into MapMap and use this to set up our input meshes. The video will then show you how to map the projector’s output to the physical cake. 

Once the output mapping is complete, Mac users must change the mesh’s source in the inspector of the Layers tab from the guide to the video content you want displayed on the cake. Windows users have to follow a different workflow and instead, in the Paints tab, change the video file location from the guide to the video content.

MapMap can be downloaded here:

Thumbnail for making a cake mapping template guide using GIMP video