What is Cake Mapping?

“Cake Mapping” is a way of bringing cakes to life using projection mapping.

Projection mapping, also known as video mapping, is a technique used increasingly in entertainment events, theatre and artistic installations. Rather than simply projecting an image onto a flat surface (like a Powerpoint presentation) software is used to warp or ‘map’ the image onto any 3D object. Using projection mapping, objects of any size and shape can be transformed into a display surface.


View videos and images of our latest projects which showcase a wide range of ambitious cake mapping designs.

Projection mapping of Game of Thrones castle on a cake as an example of one of Luma Bakery's cake mapping projects


Watch tutorials on how to master the technique of cake mapping and view recommended software and equipment.

Image of a laptop screen showing a cake mapping tutorial


Purchase animated video content to use as part of your own cake mapping projects, both personal and professional.

Image of a projection mapped cake inviting you to buy video content in the online shop

Luma Bakery

Luma Bakery was founded in 2016. It gained a wealth of experience providing a professional cake mapping service at weddings, parties and celebrations throughout the UK for over two years.

Now it exists as a learning platform via its website and YouTube Channel. It is also provider of high quality video content and cake mapping designs available to purchase in the Shop.

Luma Bakery continues to push the boundaries of this exciting technique by releasing new cake projection mapping projects on a regular basis for others to create themselves. 

Get To Know

Georgia Clegg is a freelance animator and designer. She founded Luma Bakery in 2016.

She trained in Visual Effects for film at Escape Studios in London. After spending time working in the industry, she began working with 59 Productions, the team behind the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. Whilst there she worked on numerous projects including the Tony and Olivier award-winning An American in Paris.

Georgia continues to work as a freelance animator for 59 and others, as well as continuing to design cake mapping projects for Luma Bakery.

If you would like to contact Georgia to discuss a project, cake mapping or otherwise, drop her an email at georgia@lumabakery.com.