Game of Thrones Projection Cake


We were so excited about the Game of Thrones season premiere that we thought we’d take an animated journey into Westeros with a projection mapped cake fit for a king.

Dark shadows sweep across the cake accompanied by the screeching and beating wings of a dragon flying overhead. Then the surface of the cake is used as a portal as we soar into a world reminiscent of the Game of Thrones titles where clockwork cities and castles emerge from an archaic map.



The animations have been designed to match the dimensions of the cake and perspective is exploited to make it seem like a castle is constructing before your eyes.


Image of a Game of Thrones inspired projection cake by Luma Bakery featuring a red and gold clockwork castle reminiscent of the opening titles of the TV show.

Luma Castle, fully constructed.

Green 'Wildfire' cocktail served at a Game of Thrones premiere party.

Green Wildfire cocktails were on hand throughout the evening.

Projection on a cake of a clockwork castle, inspired by Game of Thrones titles.

Using perspective in a Game of Thrones cake animation.

The animations utilised perspective to great effect.

A small black dog at the Game of Thrones party.

Sir Milo on dragon patrol.